Joe DiMaggio

I wrote this essay in 1999 when Joe DiMaggio died, a time when I was undergoing electroshock treatment for depression, and I needed courage. Joe DiMaggio died today.  When I heard the news I began to cry, and I experienced an unexpected flood of emotion and sadness that I rarely feel in these drab and… Read More »

Ol’ Shot in the Ass

Back in the 80s, when I was trying lawsuits for a living– before the appearance of metal detectors in courthouses– there was a hunting preserve up on the Cumberland Plateau called the Chatooga Hunting Lodge. It wasn’t a hunting “preserve” exactly, it was a place where animals exotic to Tennessee–  like moose and caribou–  were… Read More »

Deer Repellent

For years, we’ve kept a flower garden down by the road. Anne has made it beautiful with phlox, daisies, cone flowers, petunias, and wild pink primrose. But last week she discovered that something had been biting the buds off the taller flowers. It could only have been deer, though we’d never had that problem before.… Read More »